Ciara was born in New York City, but raised on the North Shore of Chicago. She won awards for her work while still in High School. She studied Studio Art at Bard College, graduating last year. She has had successful exhibits in New York, Chicago and London. She is now residing in London where she has a studio. She is also working as an art consultant and art teacher to pay the bills!

       She has sold her art to buyers in London, New York City, Illinois, Ireland, as well as Buenos Aires.

She describes her approach to art as follows – “My favorite thing about painting is the process that goes into each piece of work.  I always work with my paintings on the ground.  From there I can use a pouring method using different viscosities of paint and different mediums mixed in.  I use buckets, cups, turkey basters, and sticks to create different textures and ways to put paint on canvas.  Here is a picture of some paintings being created!”

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